The Value of Partnering – Monex USA + FXC Intelligence

Growing numbers of organizations have pivoted to partnerships and API connections, creating a far simpler bridge to success in providing its clients access to money services in the US.

The US has long been a key target for growing international companies, and with emerging opportunities across fintech, many are seeing the nation as a market with rich potential rewards. However, gaining a foothold is by no means easy.

Monex USA and FXC Intelligence have put together this data-driven, collaborative report focused on the value of partnering to succeed in the USA market, whether you are an MSB or trying to grow your business abroad.  If you haven’t read the report, you can request a copy.

In the 25-minute recording below, you’ll hear from Monex USA’s John Doyle and John Min with FXC Intelligence’s Daniel Webber as they discuss the following topics in addition to the report written and prepared by FXC Intelligence’s Lucy Ingham:


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