Corporate FX Risk Management

If you’re operating your business globally, then you’ll want to protect your profits from exposure to foreign currency (FX) risk.

While FX may be a small part of your business, it can seriously impact your bottom line—even the most seasoned financial professionals often overlook the risks associated with foreign currency exposure.

How volatile is the FX market?

Recent geopolitical and economic events have made global financial markets more volatile, highlighting the need for businesses to establishing a well-defined risk management strategy. With over $5.3 trillion of US dollars (USD) traded every day, the foreign exchange market is the largest in the world.  Typical daily swings of one to two percent have become the norm for major currencies like the Euro (EUR), the British pound (GBP), the Japanese yen (JPY) and the Canadian dollar (CAD) while monthly market swings routinely move as much as three to five percent. If you’ve secured contracts for payments or receipts in foreign currencies, then your business is exposed to potential currency fluctuations. Protecting your business is the best investment you can make—and costs nothing upfront to secure.

While you’re focused on the logistical and operational challenges of growing your business overseas—our qualified specialists do all the heavy lifting to identify and to mitigate FX risk from your global payments process.  We work with you to analyze and fully understand your international payment needs in order to develop a more proactive and strategic approach to managing currency market risk.

We help thousands of businesses create personalized risk managements strategies by:

  • Developing a firm understanding of your business’ payment needs
  • Reviewing pre-existing internal processes and establishing your risk tolerance
  • Identifying areas of exposure
  • Clarifying your short and long-term goals and objectives

The end result is a personalized FX risk management strategy with clear practical advice that satisfies your business goals.

Our job doesn’t stop there—after launching your new plan we will keep you updated on relevant market changes so you can continue to make highly informed decisions that protect your bottom line. Ready to secure your company’s bottom line from FX risk?  Get your FX risk management strategy started today.

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