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Businesses like yours are expanding globally to increase their profit–which means receipt of incoming payments from foreign vendors.  Monex can help you quickly bring your money home without the painstaking and costly process of dealing with banks.

When you receive overseas payments, you may be charged as much as 5% in foreign currency exchange margins—simply to collect your money.  Banks or money exchange vendors involved in the payment process often tack on their own fees for foreign transactions. Unlike banks and other payment vendors, Monex takes the guessing game out of receiving currencies. Upon receiving a payment transfer, we place the foreign funds directly into your multi-currency account so you know exactly how much comes in at what exchange rate if and when you decide to convert your funds. 

This saves you the time and worry of having the funds automatically converted to US dollars before reaching your account. You can also hold the foreign funds in your multi-currency account and send funds out directly to avoid conversion costs. By keeping the process streamlined without involving intermediary parties in the flow of payments—payments are faster and more secure.


Benefits of Faster, Fee-Free Receivables:
Faster Delivery

Speeds up your receipt of global payments; Same day/Next day

Currency Flexibility

Invoicing in over 30 local currencies is a strong selling point with foreign customers or invoice in your own currency if preferred

Cost Savings

Eliminates fees and upcharges from banks and other parties or platforms involved in the payment process

Greater Cashflow

More money in your account, less money in transit; improves cashflow

One Multi-Currency Account

Avoids the hassle of opening and the expense of maintaining international bank accounts

Expanding your business globally is hard work and Monex is dedicated to helping you receive your profits without hefty added expenses. 

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