Spot Transactions

If you find yourself in a time crunch and need to make quick international transfers then spot transactions could be your preferred solution. Spot transactions are a secure and stress-free way to send and receive money quickly.

Receiving Currency

  • Accept over 30 foreign currencies hassle-free
  • No need for international bank accounts
  • A more transparent currency transfer process

Receiving money transfers can be a painstaking and costly process with banks. Monex puts the control back in your hands. Receive transactions in over 30 foreign currencies, without having to first convert them into US dollars or go through the lengthy process of opening international bank accounts. Unlike banks, Monex takes the guessing game out of receiving currencies. When you receive a transfer, we place the foreign funds directly into your multi-currency account instead of having the funds automatically converted to US dollars.  You can hold the foreign funds in your multi-currency account and send them out directly to avoid unnecessary conversion costs.


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