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As currency exchange experts, Monex USA can help you manage your FX risk and ensure your payments get to where they need to be, quickly and efficiently. By looking at your current FX payments as well as future needs, we can help optimize your profits and simplify your process.

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Lower Prices
Lower Prices for Goods and Services

When you’re transferring money from one part of the world to another, there are many opportunities for third parties to tack on extra markups and fees. Some service providers may charge a percentage of your exchanged amount while others charge a set fee per transfer—transparency in your transactions is critical to optimizing your profits.

Better Payment Terms
Planning for Market & FX Rate Volatility

Everything from the global economic climate to local politics can impact how much a currency is worth leaving exchange rates in a constant state of change. By researching historical market trends and gauging common fluctuations, navigating the volatility in your favor is possible and should be the foundation of your FX strategy.

Competitive Buying Advantage
Competitive Purchasing Power

Simplifying your process with prompt delivery is mission-critical to ensure your FX is being managed and monitored around-the-clock. Digital tools should be accessible 24×7 from anywhere and your preferred method of transacting and communicating—via phone, chat, email, in-person or SMS—should be readily available, focused on your business needs.

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