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Monex USA, TKambio USA Announce Referring Partnership on B2B Payments

WASHINGTON, DC – September 13, 2023 – TKambio USA names Monex USA as its US partner to process corporate FX and international payments in a new referring partnership. Clients referred by TKambio USA will process their transactions through a co-branded version of Monex USA Online, a web-based FX and payments platform.  

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TKambio USA’s CEO Simón Gómez said, “Our alliance with Monex USA allows TKambio USA to leverage Monex’s expertise and global infrastructure to carry out our mission for the benefit of common customers, helping them not only to get the best exchange rate but also to their global expansion and to be allies in their businesses.”

Monex USA’s Strategic Partnership Director Emmanuel Serrano commented, “Monex USA is excited to partner with TKambio USA to help companies power global payments via API. We look forward to helping Tkambio expand services to North America.”

Monex provides spot, forward, market orders, beneficiary management, and reporting capabilities. Users can access and optimize all their payments with competitive foreign exchange (FX) rates anytime, anywhere, along with FX market insights from Monex USA’s top-ranked currency forecasting team by Bloomberg and Reuters.

About TKambio USA | TKambio.US | At TKambio USA, our mission is to promote the international growth of companies, offering a complete solution in the management of foreign exchange and international payments. We simplify transactions and streamline the purchase of currencies. With competitive costs well below the market, we facilitate the global expansion of companies efficiently, with minimal cash investment.

With more than 5 years in the Latin American market, we have positioned ourselves by offering foreign exchange solutions, achieving that more than 84,000 users and more than 2,400 companies transact with us, offering, as the main value, the best exchange rate.

About Monex USA | | Monex USA has provided corporate clients with industry-leading foreign exchange, risk management, and global payment solutions for over 23 years. Headquartered in Washington, DC, Monex USA has New York and Beverly Hills offices. As part of the international financial group of Monex, the company leverages a combined annual FX volume of over $303 billion and 2,900 employees to help more than 66,000 clients from a broad range of industries successfully navigate the global currency markets. With nearly four decades of experience, Monex is one of the world’s largest commercial foreign exchange providers, with a presence in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Holland, Singapore, Luxembourg, and the United States.


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