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Monex USA Earns Bloomberg’s #1 GBP Forecaster Again with #6 Overall Ranking for G10 Currencies

WASHINGTON, DC – April 8, 2024 – Monex USA is proud to once again be named the top currency forecaster for the British Pound (GBP) for a second consecutive quarter and to have secured sixth place for the overall G10 currencies in the Bloomberg FX Forecast Accuracy Rankings for Q1 2024.

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Additionally. Monex USA earned a #1 forecaster ranking for EUR/GBP and #8 for USD/CHF. Notably, the Monex USA team achieved this distinction amongst nearly 58 global financial institutions, including some of the world’s largest banks. Q1 2024 FX forecasters were ranked on three criteria: margin of error, timing, and directional accuracy.

“The honor of consistently ranking among the Top 10 forecasters for G-10 currencies feels almost like a tradition—a testament to our commitment and foresight in turbulent times,” says Juan Perez, Senior FX Trader and Strategist with Monex USA. “Amidst global upheaval, we take pride in steering our clients toward success, triumphing together in the world of cross-payments and global market access.”

Monex USA Wins Bloomberg FX Rankings - #1 GBP, #6 Overall G10

For over two decades, Monex USA has helped guide thousands of organizations, across nearly all industry sectors, through volatile market conditions with our award-winning teams and digital payment solutions.


These Bloomberg rankings acknowledge our ongoing efforts to deliver top FX expertise from our award-winning trading and account teams and leading digital tools like our online payments platform, Monex USA Online, and tailored API solutions.


Monex USA consistently earns top 10 recognition in Bloomberg’s quarterly rankings for overall G10 and individual currencies.


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