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Monex USA and Serrala Enter Strategic Partnership in North America

WASHINGTON, DC, and CHICAGO, IL – June 22, 2023 – Monex USA and Serrala partner to introduce the first fully automated SAP embedded B2B payments solution with an easy low-lift integration, resulting in time and FX cost savings for clients.

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Serrala | Monex - Partner Integration

Monex USA, a leading provider of commercial foreign exchanges (FX) in North America, and Serrala, a global financial automation, and B2B payments software company, are pleased to announce their partnership geared toward delivering added value to their customers.

“Monex USA is pleased to provide our robust cross-border payments capabilities to Serrala as they broaden their SAP-embedded payments solutions in North America,” says Mike Valadakis, VP of Digital Markets and Partnerships with Monex USA. “Through this strategic partnership, we will be able to offer a low-lift automated payment process that leverages the integration of the digital and innovative solutions that both companies have developed to deliver value to their clients. We look forward to this mutually beneficial partnership with Serrala.”

Across the globe, Monex helps more than 70,000 clients from a broad range of industries successfully navigate the volatile currency markets leveraging a combined annual FX volume of over $277 billion. With nearly four decades of experience, Monex is one of the world’s largest commercial foreign exchange providers.

“For Serrala, the partnership is an important milestone in boosting our global partner network by offering a broader range of end-to-end finance and treasury automation solutions to clients,” says Joyce Carpenter, Partner & Alliance Manager, North America, at Serrala. “Our partnership with Monex USA will help Finance and Treasury teams considerably improve their business performance, reduce FX risk, and expand on a fully digitized and intelligently automated payment solution.”

Serrala | Monex SAP FX Integration Flow

About Serrala | | Serrala is a global financial automation and B2B payments software company creating digital payment capabilities worldwide for enterprises of all sizes. We are a leading fintech helping our customers integrating finance and treasury processes. Offering truly differentiated ERP and cloud-native solutions, Serrala enables the Digital Office of the CFO where all financial processes and payments are automated and optimized. Our customers save costs, minimize risks, and gain real-time insights into their world of payments. We are the only provider offering a seamlessly integrated solution portfolio to manage all inbound and outbound payments, treasury processes as well as related data and documents in any IT landscape. Today, Serrala is a fast-growing company with offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and over 700 employees. Serrala drives innovation for more than 2,800 customers including more than 100 of the S&P500 companies.

About Monex USA | | Monex has provided corporate clients with industry-leading foreign exchange, risk management, and international payment solutions for over 38 years. Headquartered in Washington, DC, Monex USA has New York and Beverly Hills offices. As part of the global financial group of Monex, the company leverages a combined annual FX volume of over $303 billion and 2,900 employees to help more than 66,000 clients from a broad range of industries successfully navigate the global currency markets. With nearly four decades of experience, Monex is one of the world’s largest commercial foreign exchange providers, with a presence in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Holland, Singapore, Luxembourg, and the United States.


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