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AR Monex Pro Cycling

Monex Global is a proud sponsor of A.R. Monex Pro Cycling, the first Mexican professional cycling team! Join us in this exciting chapter of supporting and fostering talent as we pedal forward together.

Monex takes immense pride in sponsoring Mexico’s inaugural professional cycling team. Making history, the International Cycling Union (UCI) has formally registered the following three teams in Europe for the first time:

  • AR Monex Pro Cycling Team- UCI Continental Men´s Road Team 
  • AR Monex Women´s Pro Cycling Team- UCI Continental Women´s Road Team 
  • AR Monex MTB Team- UCI XCO/DHI Team 

AR Monex Pro Cycling Press Release 2024

The Men’s Road Team is 100% Mexican, and the Women’s Road Team has four Mexican athletes and foreign cyclists.

All three teams are affiliated with the Italian and San Marino Cycling Federations, focusing their training in Europe under the best possible conditions while still representing Mexico.

At Monex, we are committed to promoting sports and the development of great Mexican athletes. Through our AR program, we will take steps toward achieving this goal.

Insights from Monex Global’s President, Hector Lagos, and CEO, Mauricio Naranjo

Hector Lagos and Mauricio Naranjo from Monex Global are both personally passionate about the cycling sport and are the driving forces behind Monex’s commitment as the main sponsors of the the A.R. Monex Pro Cycling Team.

Listen as they express their excitement and pride for the Mexican cycling team’s historic triumph.

Congratulations, team, and keep on succeeding!


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