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Introducing Monex USA

In celebration of more than 23 years in business and nearly 11 years since joining the Monex team—we have proudly taken on our parent company's name to better unify our global brand.

Tempus to MONEX

We are excited to announce that as of January 18th, 2022, Tempus is officially Monex USA.

With our company focus on frictionless cross-border transactions, we want the same for our branding—a seamless, global name to unite the financial services, strength, and expertise of the Monex institution.

What’s Changed?
You’ll see a new logo, colors, and designs in our branded communications. Beyond that, our day-to-day business operations remain unchanged. We will continue to deliver the 5-star service and solutions you’ve come to expect from us.

Tempus has operated independently since being acquired by Monex nearly 11 years ago. This will not change as we will simply be taking on the Monex name to solidify our unparalleled breadth of financial strength, purchasing power, and market expertise under one globally-recognized brand.

Our mission remains the same—simplifying  global payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new name? When does it take effect?

Tempus, Inc., becomes Monex Inc., on January 18, 2022, all Tempus properties will reflect our new name on this date.  You may notice Monex USA appearing on documents before January 18th as we may not be able to strictly control exact timing with vendors and banks.

Since 1999, we have successfully served the FX needs of thousands of clients in the United States under the business name Tempus. Tempus has been owned by Monex since January 2011. This change of name is NOT a result of any corporate buyout or takeover; Tempus is simply proudly taking on the name of our parent company after 11 years of being owned by Monex.  

In celebrating our 23rd year in business, Tempus will officially take on Monex’s name on January 18th. 

Why change the name after 23 years of business?

To globally unify the brand under our parent company, Monex. The ONLY thing changing is the name—taking on the name of our parent company. Day-to-day operations will remain the same. There will be no changes in our regulatory and licensing structure. 

We will be the same company operating independently under the Monex name solidifying unparalleled breadth of financial strength, purchasing power, and industry expertise under one worldwide brand. With frictionless cross-border payments as a key focus of our company, we wanted the same for our branding—a seamless, global name to unite the financial services, strength, and expertise of the Monex institution.Making our global brand as simple, powerful and seamless as our global payments’ 


  • 35+ years of global FX and market experience, 
  • Nearly $8 billion in total assets 
  • 6.6 million annual FX transactions 
  • Over $247 billion in group FX turnover 
  • 2700+ employees around the world 
  • More than 70,000 clients in every industry 
How can I access my Tempus Online account?

You do not need a new account. Effective January 18, 2022, you will access your current account via using your same login credentials.

After that date, if you visit, you will be redirected to the new URL. When everything goes live on January 18th, we suggest you bookmark the new platform URL for more direct access going forward: 

What does this name change mean for me and my business? Why should I keep my account with Monex, formerly known as Tempus?

Your team of well-known experts isn’t going anywhere! And you’ll still enjoy the same level of excellent 5-star service you’ve come to expect along with better FX savings and management. 

With more than 35 years of newly combined FX experience on a global scale, as Monex, we will continue to help any sized business successfully navigate the foreign currency markets.  

From award-winning currency forecasting to highly competitive pricing and industry-leading innovative digital tools to local experts’ presence across the globe—Monex delivers immediate value to businesses through the unparalleled breadth of financial strength, purchasing power, and industry expertise. 

  • Expert Guidance – Dedicated FX specialists continuously monitor and proactively provide your business with reliable analysis and actionable guidance for improved, tailored decision-making. 
  • Cost-Efficiency, Increased Profitability – Competitive exchange rates, low transaction costs, and market expertise save you money and increase profits. 
  • Digital Solutions – In-house development team, committed to continually improving your user experience, as well as developing innovative, scalable, flexible, and secure FinTech solutions. 
  • Greater Efficiency, Control – Seamless integration with your preferred method of transacting, along with 24/7 trading capabilities on our secure and intuitive online platform; All product and service offerings give you complete control of your global transactions. 
  • Personalized Service – Dedicated 2-person expert team who understands your specific business objectives to proactively enable you to make highly informed FX decisions. 
  • Industry-Leading, Award-Winning Forecasts – Continually recognized and reaffirmed by Bloomberg as top-ranked currency forecaster besting many large, distinguished global financial institutions; Quoted more often than any other international payments company in respected business media like Reuters, Nasdaq, CNBC, and Yahoo Finance; Regularly invited to speak at conferences, workshops, roundtables and panels across the nation. 
  • Risk Management – Comprehensive, personalized risk management strategies and hedging products that best fit your organization’s needs to identify and mitigate foreign currency risk from your global payments process. 
  • Secure, Regulated and Bonded – Among the first Money Service Business (MSB) to be fully licensed in every U.S. state. 
  • Part of Monex S.A.B. – Among the largest, publicly-traded global commercial FX providers—buying power of a worldwide respected financial institution with nearly USD 8 billion in total assets. 
  • Financial Network – Strategically partnered with a diverse range of specialists and respected industry leaders that complement our product and service offering to help optimize, grow, and protect your global business. 
Who is Monex? What is the business structure?

Monex SAB de CV (“Monex”), an investment grade, publicly listed monetary services institution—one of the world’s largest deliverable FX providers with more than 35 years of experience. Listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) under the ticker symbol: MONEXB. Fully regulated and licensed to operate by the corresponding financial entities of every country in which it operates Offices Worldwide: United States, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Singapore—‘Universal reach with Local Expertise 

What is changing besides the name?

Essentially, only our name is changing from Tempus to Monex in the USA—nothing else changes from a day-to-day business perspective. 

As of Tuesday, January 18, 2022, you will notice a new logo with some new colors and designs in all our communications including our new URLs—our website ( and payments platform ( All email addresses will also contain our new domain: There will be no changes to our regulatory and licensing structure. 

How will this affect the company’s future?

Notably, many global payment providers in the USA have come and gone in our industry—while we’ve been operating successfully in the US for over 23 years.

Being privately owned by a leading financial institution has offered your business cross-border payment account stability in an otherwise volatile FX market. As we take on our parent’s company’s name, Monex, we will continue to utilize our combined global resources, collective passion, and commitment to innovation. 

We are steadfast in our relentless pursuit and development of better FX and risk management products, services, and digital tools to move money faster and more cost-efficiently to optimize your FX and grow your business.

So, whether you’re a current client or interested in becoming one, we’re always building a better FX experience for your global business. We boldly believe in the power of what we can achieve globally for our clients under the newly unified Monex brand. 

Will I still reach you through the same contact information AFTER January 18, 2022?

For a period of two years, all our former email addresses and website URL with the domain will be forwarded to our new domain, Our phone number and office locations will not change for any of the offices. 

Main Phone: 800.834.2497  

Main Email Address:

DC: 1201 New York Ave NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20005 | 202.785.5534 

LA: 8383 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 330, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 | 310.695.3059 | 855.606.8346
NY: 385 5th Avenue, Suite 1500, New York, NY 10016 | 212.897.2291 | 855.778.2022 


Please note that the below will not go into effect until January 18, 2022: 

URL: | Monex Global Site: 

Monex USA Online (formerly Tempus Online):


Social Media: 







Will your tax or federal ID change?

Outside of this name rebranding, we assure you that there will be no changes to the nature of the business itself and/or daily operations. Our Tax ID will remain unchanged, and we will continue to operate independently from our parent company and its subsidiaries. 

Do I need to update anything on my end? (Payment instructions? Bank information? Tax info?)

Effective January 18, new payment instructions will be available online.  While our bank account numbers will not change, the company name on the account will change to Monex Inc. or Monex USA to differentiate us from our sister entities such as Monex Europe. All our banks will allow a significant ‘grace period’ where they will accept Tempus or Monex for our company name.

Debit Accounts: While the name associated with our ACH Company ID is changing, the ACH Company ID itself is not changing. What this means is ACH debits processed by Monex USA should not be impacted outside of the new name appearing on your bank statement.

It’s unlikely, but if your ACH debit filter does reject a Monex USA initiated ACH debit, please update your debit filter to reflect the new name. We have been processing debits under Monex USA since January 1st, so if this has not impacted you to date, there are no changes needed on your end.

Wires: If you or your beneficiaries send wires to Tempus, please update our name to Monex USA in the next few months.

Additionally, please make the following updates to our contact information:

Bookmark new URLs: [] & []
Update our name [Monex USA] & email addresses []

Will our existing legal agreements need to change?

Existing agreements will not need to change.  Please note that since only the name is changing and no assignment or any other type of transfer is taking effect, the Assignment provision in the existing agreement is not implicated.  Going forward, the User Agreement will list “Monex Inc. (formerly known as Tempus, Inc.)” at the beginning and then refer to Monex throughout. The online User Agreement will be updated to reflect the new name, new contact information (e.g., web address) and new name for the notice section.  

Who can I speak with for more information before the name change?

For any operational questions specifically regarding your accounts, please reach out to your dedicated Tempus representative or email For any legal questions regarding the name change, please email All media or communication questions should be directed to 

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