Growing Your Business Globally, World Trade Day and Currency Exchange on International Business Radio

TEMPUS CEO Juan Pablo Carriedo sits down with Dr. Diane Alleva Caceres, CEO of Market Access International, to discuss the following topics: What are the pros and cons of growing internationally? What should businesses consider prior to expanding? And once expanded, how can a company protect and maximize profit margins? No matter the different approaches firms take to grow globally, foreign exchange exposure must be recognized and managed. The CEOs discuss challenges facing small-medium sized businesses and steps that can be taken to mitigate risk, such as forward contracts and using specialists to scope out future partners. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain are trends impacting the foreign currency market which will challenge companies to balance short-term reactions to the market with long-term planning. Monex CEO stresses that for many companies, using their banks as a foreign exchange partner has resulted in overcharging and an avoidable burden on their bottom line. By using a specialist in global payments, profits can be maximized by eliminating overcharging transactions and better mitigating the risks of international business.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • What are the pros and cons of growing your business globally?
  • World Trade Day – celebrates economic growth, promotes and honors the international trade community and their contributions to the economic power of our region.
  • What to consider before deciding to expand your business internationally?
  • Once you decide to go global, how can you protect and maximize your profit margins?
  • One of the more significant effects that the internet has had for businesses, small and large, is the ability to reach an international audience and grow their business globally.
  • Anyone can try to manage their foreign currency market exposure, even from the comfort of their home, but just because you can doesn’t mean everyone should.
  • Currency conversion doesn’t mean a monetary loss.
  • Making the right currency decisions at the right time.
  • What should a business owner consider before deciding to expand their business internationally?

As a sponsor of ‘International Business Radio’, Monex has launched a three-episode series focused on helping listeners better understand and navigate the FX market. Given the booming international business push in the greater Atlanta area, we’re excited to offer our strategic, tailored FX services and global payment solutions to any sized business—at fair and competitive rates usually reserved for only high volume clients with their banks.

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