🎯 Is your business ready to successfully navigate market uncertainty with a tactical compliance strategy for 2024? ⚖ Register now to unfold how an MSB can optimize payments.

This roundtable webinar will offer insights on leveraging collective expertise and insights to enhance compliance efforts and bolster industry standards, featuring Monex USA’s Chief Compliance Officer, Justin Jenter, and the Executive Director of MSBA, Kathryn Tomasofsky.


In the rapidly evolving world of finance, businesses increasingly prioritize secure currency transaction management, where the choice of the service provider is crucial, balancing considerations of safety and expertise in each pivotal transaction.

Though you appreciate the advantages of tailored financial solutions for your intricate needs, you may still be hesitant about the safety of venturing beyond the comfort of traditional banking.

Register now and equip yourself with the insights that will dismantle the myths and pave the way for a more secure and efficient financial future.


Going Beyond Banking Webinar



  • Understanding MSBs’ Commitment to Compliance – What is a Money Service Business (MSB)? Discover the distinctions between MSBs and banks, along with the recommended protocols to safeguard your business and transactions.
  • Leverage Specialized Expertise in Currency Payments – Explore how MSBs’ focused proficiency in currency transactions leads to increased efficiency and precision, in contrast to the broader yet less specialized services offered by traditional providers.
  • Debunking the Safety Myth – Challenge the widespread belief that banks offer the ultimate safety for currency transactions. Explore the comparable, if not superior, security measures and strong safeguards adopted by MSBs.


WHEN:  Tuesday, May 14th, 2024 at 12:00pm EST


Is your business ready to successfully navigate market uncertainty with a tactical compliance strategy for 2024?


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