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Sandra Benet, Senior FX Director

For over 15 years, Sandra has been helping Monex clients manage their international foreign currency (FX) payments while protecting their profits to grow their global businesses. She is one of over 2,000 foreign currency exchange experts making sure your money gets where it needs to go with greater value to your business—swiftly and securely. Regardless of her high level of expertise or increased seniority within our company, she is on a first-name basis with clients and dedicated to personally providing excellent service.

In her words…

I learned a long time ago that taking care of my clients can make a big difference.  This proved true once again… I opened an account in June and was able to instantly help save my new client significant money in fees and markups charged by her bank.  While it was already a positive partnership from the start, I was able to take it from good to great in only a few weeks. My client reached out to let me know that she’d be in the market in the next few days and needed some advice on when to pull the trigger.

It was a large amount of money so I recommended to purchase half now and we can watch the market for the remainder of what she needed.  It just so happened that I was going to be out of the office the following day but told her I’d be watching email and she could reach out to me anytime. The next day, retail sales number were out and better than expected.  The dollar was up 1% over night!  I touched base with the dealing team and they reinforced my decision to advise her to immediately book the remainder of the deal resulting in a huge savings in only 2 days.

The key to making these types of transactions successful is teamwork, effective communication, and execution.  When clients work with Monex, they are actually hiring a true FX partner.  I’ve been here 11 years and am proud of the work we do, the money we save clients and the trusted way we operate.  From the initial account opening in June to the big savings in December, every department had their hand in delivering on our promises to our new client.

Sales, Dealing, Trading, Compliance, Operations, IT, Finance, and Marketing (did I miss anyone?)–we all did a phenomenal job on making this client happy and the timing of their transactions go smoothly.  2018 has been one of my best years with Monex–2019, here WE come!


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